Established in 2007, ardesign is a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design studio specializing in creating spaces for the hospitality, leisure and luxury residential industry. Our portfolio includes projects for international brands such as Wyndham, Hilton and IHG Hotels & Resorts.

Our team shares a vision that combines conceptual integrity and aesthetics. With a diverse portfolio spanning hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, cinemas, cultural centers, and luxury residential spaces, we prioritize functional design principles whether creating hotel lobbies or residential environments.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including architecture, interior design, furniture design, lighting design, outdoor-design, visual design and acoustic consultancy. Our team. comprised of architects, designers, and engineers, accustomed to international standards.


A building site is a strong generator of ideas. Our process involves a comprehensive assessment of light, space and form, aligning them with client needs, project goals, and budgets.


Developing concepts, mood boards, and schematic design. These shape the entire project, guiding design refinement, floor plans, sketches, and the selection of interior elements.


Following the approval of schematic designs, we create comprehensive drawings covering architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and AV/IT systems.


We specialize in crafting customized furniture. Our focus is on efficiency without compromising quality, delivering unique pieces that align with each space’s distinct character.

3D Modelling& Rendering

At the core of our practice, 3D rendering and modeling are instrumental in translating interior and architectural concepts into visual realities providing clients with precise depictions.


We ensure seamless project execution. We supply contractors with comprehensive plans and detailed information, facilitating accurate pricing and bidding processes


We provide client support in the bidding process, supplying documentation for bids. We ensure client interests are protected throughout this thorough procedure.


We ensure construction aligns with the specifications. We oversee finish and furnishings installation guaranteeing project execution accordingly, concluding with a final inspection.


We asses project success and proactively address post – occupancy issues, ensuring ongoing client satisfaction and optimizing the space for long-term functionality.

ardesign has evolved and shaped itself over time to become a family studio. We have joined forces to seamlessly blend experience, flexibility, and the trends and innovations of the new generations, thereby keeping pace with current developments and events.

By refining our design processes, aligning with new European requirements for efficiency and sustainability, and fostering creative development, we aim to simultaneously meet aesthetic, functional, and durability demands.


What we think

It was a shared passion for pattern, colour and material that Alina and Emma bonded over, with taste and skill being complementary. Alina’s love for art and geometry stimulated Emma’s flair for texture and colour.

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